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SNOW CONTROL : European project


SNOW control is a Research and Development European collaborative project that is financed by the European Commission in the context of the 7th PCRD. Meant to last 4years (2011-2015) with a global budget reaching €4.2million.

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Meant to last 4years (2011-2015) with a global budget reaching €4.2million, this project gathers a consortium of partners together (SMBs, industrials, higher education and academic research institutes), all operating in equipment and development in the sector of metrology. The “Cordouan Technologies” SME is one of the project partners.

Projet-européen SNOW-CONTROL_bigCreated in 2007 among Unitec Bordeaux science and technology park, it is now located in the “City of photonics” in Pessac. Cordouan Technologies is specialized in design, manufacture and commercialization of nanoparticles characterization instruments for fundamental and applied research laboratories, for industrial applications (follow-up and mass production process optimization, quality control, etc.)

One of the main obstacles towards large scale nanoparticles (NP) introduction in both industrial process and consumption products is the lack of strict and accurate control of their characteristics during the manufacturing process. In order to extract the necessary information for process controls in real-time, only a simultaneous and combined use of various metrology methods will enable to establish an efficient counter-reaction loop. Among the SNOW CONTROL project, the different partners develop the technological principles that will enable such a control.