Pittcon, Chicago, 1 – 5 March 2020

Come to see us at Pittcon 2020, this time in Chicago!

nano tech 2020 Tokyo

Meet us at nano tech 2020 in Tokyo the 29-31 January 2020. Visit our booth or come to see us the the booth of the EU-Japan Centre (booth 2W-A35)

NANOMANUFACTURING: Advances in Nanoparticle Production

We will participate in Giornate Tecnologiche dedicated to different techniques and aspects of nanoparticle production organised by L’Associazione Italiana di Scienza e Tecnologia delle Macromolecole (AIM)

The SFNano – C’Nano joint meeting Dijon 10-12 October 2019

Come to see us at our booth at The SFNano – C’Nano joint meeting 2019. We will come with our youngest: the AMERIGO. We invite you as well to see the presentation of Floran Aubrit “Visible/NIR photothermia with gold bipyramids and nanostars”, the 11th December at 12h45 at the session “Nano-optics and nanophotonics 2”

Symposium & Workshop on Advanced Sample Preparation for Microscopy in Material Science

It was a pleasure to visite our Polish distributor PIK Instruments at their Symposium & Workshop on Advanced Sample Preparation for Microscopy in Material Science. A great meeting!

IEF Brno 7-11 October 2019

Visit a booth of our czech distributor Pragolab at International Engineering Fair in Brno

LabTechnology 1 – 2 October 2019

Cordouan will present its new system AMERIGO at the booth of its representative Prolyse at LabTechnology in Utrecht.

Principles and Methods for Optical Characterization of Particles JT45 – 21 mars2019 – Meudon

Presentation of the latest development on Dynamic Light scattering by Cordouan Technologies

ILMAC Lausanne 3-5 October 2018

Cordouan Technologies will be represented by GMP during the ILMAC show 3-5 october 2018 in lausanne.

Visit ILMAC website and www.gmp.ch.

our new Vasco Kin will be presented.

Monitoring protein aggregation in injectable vaccines syringes

Monitoring protein aggregation in injectable vaccines syringes: a new direct & contact-less technique

David Jacob CTO

Keywords: vaccines, protein, in situ measurement, aggregation

AN01-VASCO Kin – monitoring Protein aggregation in injectable

Aggregation of proteins and active principle ingredients (API) in injectable biopharmaceutical products remains a major concern impacting the stability and usability of a product. Indeed, Protein aggregation can occur during all stages of the lifetime of a protein therapeutic, including expression, refolding, purification,
sterilization, shipping, storage, and delivery processes [1, 2]. The mechanism of protein

aggregation is still not well understood; but it is known that certain manufacturing stages
like formulation composition, presence of microbial or vial contaminants during cell
culture, and storage influence the risk of chemical degradation, which increases the risk
of physical degradation and the formation of aggregates. In particular, it has been shown
that the storage container environment plays a role like in prefilled syringes for example
where leaking silicone oil from the rubber stopper, and glass delamination can induce
aggregates. In a context of more and more stringent international health regulations
about the control of biopharmaceutical products, the in-situ monitoring of the denaturation and degradation process of therapeutic proteins during production and storage can be a key competitive advantage for manufacturers and researchers