The AMERIGO won the TOP PRODUCT prize!

The AMERIGO won the TOP PRODUCT prize!

Keywords : nanoparticles size, Zeta potential, in situ, Dynamic Light Scattering, DLS

The Cordouan Technologies’ AMERIGO, nanoparticle size and zeta potential analyzer, won a prize ” TOP PRODUCT” at the exposition LaborExpo 2019 which took place in Prague, Czech Republic in September this year. Many thanks to our distributor, Pragolab, who took care about this exposition.

ILMAC Basel 24-27 Septembre

Come to visit the booth of our swiss distibutor, GMP SA, at ILMAC in Basel.

LaborExpo Prague 25 -26 September 2019

Cordouan Technologies will present its newest instrument AMERIGO at the booth of our czech distributor, Pragolab, at LaborExpo in Prague.

SCS Fall Meeting Zürich 6 September 2019

Come to see the instruments of Cordouan Technologies at the booth of our swiss distributor, GMP SA, at SCS Fall Meeting.

JASIS Tokyo 4 – 6 September 2019

Come visit us at JASIS at the booth of our US distributor Xigo.

EuropaCAT Aachen 18-23 August 2019

Cordouan Technologies will present their latest instrument AMERIGO on the booth of its german distributor Porotec.

A new instrument from Cordouan Technologies


Keywords : nanoparticles, nanoparticles size analyzer, Zeta potential analyzer, in situ measurements

Cordouan Technologies AMERIGO  presents its newest instrument, an innovative analyzer for the characterization of nanoparticle suspensions combining into the same instrument nanoparticle size, Zeta Potential and remote measurements. Based on state of the art version of Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) and Laser Doppler Electrophoresis (LDE) techniques offering high resolution, accurate and rapid measurement.

This new achievement is a summary of the savoir faire of Cordouan Technologies. It inherits the capacity of time-resolved kinetics analysis, dynamic time slicing and remote measurements from VASCO KIN and more classical design and Zeta potential analysis from WALLIS.

Entirely designed and produced in France.

Conférence annuelle du GDR – Or nano Rennes 2019

Cordouan will participate to the annual meeting on Gold nanoparticls in rennes, France 14-15 march 2019

Join us and see Florian who will introduce our vasco Kin and the latest development on DLS at Cordouan Technologies