Nanoparticles are present in our everyday life, in our food; in our clothes; in our drugs; etc… The Cordouan Technologies’ instruments are on one hand dedicated to Academic Research, and on the other hand to Industrial Application.

For the industrial application, our instruments allow you:

  • to carry out quality control for your samples
  • to check if your nanoparticles respect the maximum sizes authorized for your products

Here’s an example of a measurement in a vaccine syringe

In order to demonstrate the capapbilities of the VASCO kin to achieve contactless in-situ measurement into syringe, we have
made series of particle size measurement on a commercial injectable flew vaccine. This vaccine is a complex
medium made of a mixture of many different ingredients : desactivated and fragmented Flew Virus from three different
stem cells, several excipients like ppi water, Potassium chloride, Sodium chloride, buffered saline solution, and traces of
chicken eggs proteins (ovalbumin), Formaldehyde, Neomycin, Octoxinol, etc.

Industries to which we have sold

We currently sold our instruments in companies from various industries :

  • Oil extraction;
  • Cosmetics;
  • Drugs delivery optimization;
  • Inks;
  • Nuclear application;
  • And many more…

The measures can be done in less than 2 minutes and thanks to their size you can take our instruments everywhere you need, it can therefore be a true added value in your production process.