Our laboratory

The laboratory of Cordouan Technologies is an intern expertise center, dedicated to our clients for nano-particules and nano-materials characterization. Its main missions are :

  • In pre-buying phase, to help you finding out the best option for an optimal characterization of your formulation
  • In post-sales support, to help you using our products and implementing preparing & measurement protocols
  • Occasionally, to meet your demand on specific measurements

Measurement delivery and Valuation

Our laboratory of application offers the following services :

  • Studies & feasibility tests (free of charge) on representative samples in order to help you define the best characterization solution for you.
  • Custom-made measurements of your samples (i.e. on quotation) with implementation of protocols & a complete report of measures, including analyze and interpretation of the results.
  • Advice & support for the implementation of measurement protocols and for an optimum use of CORDOUAN’s products.

Available Measurements in our laboratory :

  • Analyze of nanoparticules’ size (VASCO & VASCO FLEX) : from 1 nm to 10 µm – concentration up to 40wt/%
  • Zeta potential measurement / electrophoretic mobility (WALLIS) : range from -500mV to +500mV
  • Analyze of NP traces in water / characterization (MAGELLAN) : from ppb to ppm, from 20 nm to 1 µm
  • Refractive index measurement in liquid (ARAGO) : measurement range from 1.2 URI à 2.5 URI
  • Analyze by transmission electronic imaging (TEM LVEM5) : mini resolution 3 nm
  • Dynamic viscosity measurement (AND SV10) : from 0.3 mPa.s – 10 Pa.s

On-site demonstration

You are planning to buy a device for NP characterization and you want a demo? Test our characterization solutions on your samples, in your lab! Our solutions are easily transportable and can be installed in a few minutes. Call us to make an appointment and we will be pleased to come and make a demo on your site with one of our physico-chemical experts.

Trainings and Seminars

We regularly organize information seminars for our clients in order to promote our know-how and our characterization solutions. These seminars are organized with the help of our technical and scientific experts, product engineers, and researchers from major national research labs. It is for us the opportunity to meet you and present you our latest new products. Feel free to contact us to know the date of the upcoming meetings.